$95 Bathtubs and Showers

When you shower, do you end up standing in a puddle? Soap and water build up in your pipes can grab hairs and skin cells that get washed down the drain.  This builds up over time, slowing your bathtub and shower drains and eventually clogging them completely.

What can you do?

There are a few things you can do to care for your pipes.  The first step is to try an old-fashioned plunger,  this creates a vacuum that forces water down the pipes to open up the clog.   If this fails you can try an inexpensive handheld drain cable machine.    You should avoid putting drain cleaning chemicals down your drains as they can erode and damage your pipes, even the ones marked as safe for all pipes.   Lastly, once you have the line clear, use a hair strainer to prevent larger particles from going down the drain.

When all else fails, call us and we will professionally clean your bathtub and shower drains for only $94 and provide the professional advice to avoid future complications.

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*$95 Any Drain.  Single Family Residences Only.   Additional Charges may apply such as Service Fee’s and After Hours Charges.

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