$95 Main Line Sewer Cleaning

My sewer line is backing up! What should I do?

Stop any water usage in the house. Any water you use will come up through your basement floor drain or shower. Call us for sewer cleaning! We can usually have a technician to your house within a couple of hours.

Call Twin Cities Rooter ASAP

Our Sewer Cleaning Service Can’t be Beat.

Ok, your technician came and cleared the line. He did a great job. Now what? Why did my line back up?

Let’s figure out why your line backed-up. We can video inspect your sewer line. Let’s figure out if you have just one or a combination of the following:

•   Roots  •   Broken Pipe   •   Sagging Pipe   •   Disconnected Pipe
•   Bellied Pipe   •   Corroded Pipe   •   Foreign Obstruction

Immediate Service is Available
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At Twin Cities Rooter and Plumbing® Minneapolis, we do more than sewer cleaning.  We offer a full range of sewer services, including main sewer line repair, sewer line replacement, and sewer line inspection.  For drain cleaning near me in the Minneapolis area, our rooter service and drain cleaning specials and can’t be beaten by other roto rooter, rooter companies.

Our plumbing services can save you serious money in the long run by preventing costly repairs.  Twin Cities Rooter and Plumbing® Minneapolis is a dedicated team of qualified Minneapolis plumbers and Minneapolis drain cleaners for drain cleaning, drain pipe cleaning services and drain rooter service in the Minneapolis area, ready to help with your clogged service drain today.  See our video inspection page for more information.

*$95 Any Drain.  Single Family Residences Only.   Additional Charges may apply such as Service Fee’s and After Hours Charges.

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