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Sewer Video Inspections

Sewer lines get clogged and “backup” for a variety of reasons but roots is the most common problem. Typically, tree roots make their way through joints where two sections of sewer pipe are connected or at a break in the pipe. The severity of the problem can be influenced by how long those roots have been infiltrating the line, misaligned connections, soil conditions, ground water, differing types of pipe (Clay, Concrete, Orangeburg, PVC) and even by chemicals or grease being flushed down the line.

Why does my main line backup even though no roots are present?

Old sewer lines can slowly begin to lose water at joints. When this happens, the soil beneath the pipe begins to settle which in turn causes the PIPE to SETTLE as well. Once this problem gets sever enough, your sewer begins to act like a trap. Eventually enough solids and TP are trapped preventing water from draining. Just imagine a beaver dam.

Misaligned pipe connections is another very common problem with clay pipes. If your HOUSE WAS BUILT BEFORE 1980, chances are YOU HAVE CLAY PIPE. Clay pipe is placed similarly to PVC pipe but without any glue. After 40 years or so, any concrete that was used in those joints has now disintegrated leaving your joints wide open for root intrusion and movement. One pipe will slowly move in one direction or another which means they are no longer aligned. Now imaging your flushables having to swim upstream to spawn.

Another reason sewer lines back up even though no roots are present is due to BUILDUP IN THE CAST IRON PIPE under the house. Over years hard water buildup gets worse and worse on the inside of metal pipes. This buildup will slow the flow of TP and solids which eventually causes a sewer backup. A video inspection of your sewer line will be able to identify if this situation is present.

How do we determine what the issue is?

Video Inspection. We have state of the art infrared video cameras designed specifically for sewer line inspections. By the way, we highly recommend video inspecting the sewer line of any home before purchasing. This could save you thousands of dollars.

Through video inspection of your sewer line we can determine the “root” cause of your sewer backups.

What questions can be answered in the process of a video inspection?

  • How sever is the problem?
  • Is the sewer line broken?
  • Is the problem in my yard or under the street or under my house?
  • Does my line run under my driveway or walkway?
  • What can I expect if I don’t fix the problem?

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