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Main Sewer Line

A plumbing drain system can best be compared to a tree with several branch lines and one trunk line. Your system consists of several individual drain lines (branch lines) that all eventually converge into one “main pipe” under the foundation of the house. From your house, the main line will usually run directly to the city sewer main in the middle of the street. However, sometime the city sewer main runs between houses in the back yard or you could be on a septic system. Either way, all drain water in your house will eventually leave through one pipe and connect to the city main (or septic tank).

Sewer lines get clogged and “backup” for a variety of reasons but roots is the most common problem. Tree roots make their way through joints where two pieces of sewer pipe are connected or at a break in the pipe. The severity of the problem can be determined by how long those roots have been infiltrating the line, soil conditions, ground water, differing types of pipe and even by chemicals or grease being flushed down the line.

How do I determine It’s a main line that’s clogged?

  • Water and TP are coming up through the floor drain in the basement when I flush.
  • The basement toilet is not flushing properly, overflowing or gurgling.
  • Water is coming up in the shower or tub in the basement.

What is the solution to a clogged sewer line?

  • The first step is to auger out the sewer line through the biggest access possible. Usually your main line access point is located on the floor just before the foundation wall or on one of the main pipes just below a first story bathroom.

What’s the next step?

  • Now that the line has been cleared we recommend that you video inspect the sewer line to determine the condition of the pipe, assess why the line backed up and what the likelihood is of another backup. See our video inspection page for more information.

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