$94 Floor Drain

Most homes have one connection to the sewer system. Sewer water levels in this pipe are normally below the level of your basement floor drain. However, sometimes water levels in the sewers rise above this level due to physical changes. Gravity will push this extra water in the sewage pipe down, and out of the drain.

• Blockage – The most common reason for a basement drain back up is that there is something in the pipe. This can be household refuse or blockage due to something like tree roots that have grown into the line.

• Sump Pump Failure – Your sump pump may not be able to cope with the amount of water trying to come into the house, or it may fail from a power outage or faulty equipment

• Weeping Tile Failure – The weeping tile around older buildings often deteriorates This can include a partly, or fully, collapsed pipe or sediment plugging the pipes. As weeping tiles are designed to move water away from the structure, failed pipes can result in both groundwater and wastewater entering the basement through the floor drain.

If you’re a victim of flooding or backed up basement drains, we’ve got the help you need. If your basement is flooding you’re probably asking yourself a bunch of questions. How do I fix basement flooding? How do I repair my basement so it doesn’t flood? Why do I have wet basement walls? What can I do to waterproof my basement walls? What shoes do I wear when I’m trying to fix the water damage? Why does my basement flood, I’m on a lot that’s higher than my neighbor’s?

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